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Why Should You Donate Martial Arts Gear?

There are times when we need money to continue operating, and there are times when we simply need the gear donated directly. In most cases, receiving quality gear, in good condition, and having the right size can make or break our mission to give back to the Oath Takers.

Each week we find heavily used gear that is "unserviceable" (damaged beyond repair), which was donated to us. Just like your local thrift store, we inspect every piece that is received. If it doesn't meet our internal quality standards, we have to dispose of it.

We are constantly in need of gear that is of good quality and that's in good condition. We aren't saying that everything has to be brand new, but lightly used is fine. Just as long as there aren't gaping holes, tears and distinct sweat spots, we can typically work with it.

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What Martial Arts Gear Should I Donate?

How Should I Box Up The Gear?

In most cases, we just receive a box of gear that is a complete mess. There are instances where we get some items that are folded, and we are lucky to get gear that has been cleaned, but it’s rare. The best course of action to make this a seamless process is to:

Where Do I Ship The Packages?