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The G4G Founding Members program is designed to connect Americans and Oath Takers. This membership is a great way for you to be directly involved with the work that we do for our nation's heroes and their families.

Every week we will tell the story of an Oath Taker, and how Gis 4 GIs Foundation has helped them and their families. With this exclusive G4G Founding Member Newsletter, you will clearly be able to see the impact that you've made on the lives of our heroes and families. With such a profound change that you are chartering by joining, you will be able to proudly say that you are making a difference like no other.

What’s included in the G4G Founders Membership?


  • Weekly Stories and Impact
  • Monthly Updates
  • Annual Recap


  • Get Notifications First
  • Get Advanced Discounts
  • Community Recognition


  • Exclusive Founder's Tee
  • Monthly Updates
  • Annual Recap


Only the G4G Founding Members have the option to join "G4G Delivers"; our BJJ Gi home delivery network. There is no better feeling than seeing exactly where your contributions are going. You can do just that, see the reactions on their faces, when you hand an Oath Taker their free BJJ Gi.

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